• Francis Muthiani

    Hi all, thanks for developing this web in the system for us to comment.
    We have a number of party elections like ODM taking place in the country, are there arrangements for our party election this year and where in Nairobi, I stay at Umoja and a committed party supporter.


    • 11:37 am - October 9, 2015

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    Maybe Israel should sort out somewhere for the Palestinians to live ( a viable state) then they wouldn’t have to confront this possibility. Expanding settlements in the West Bank certainly isn’t going to make the problem go away, worse maybe, but go away never.
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    • 5:49 am - June 27, 2016

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    Hey Dustin! Love the plug-in… am very happy with it so far. One question though, whenever I have the “pic.twitter” photo in the custom tweet field and someone shares it it works great on the desktop (picture displays perfectly), but when someone tweets the article from mobile, the “pic.twitter” link shows in the tweet.
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    • 5:33 pm - July 15, 2016

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    It is my humble opinion that everyone involved will try to avoid Blame. No one will admit fault. I would have thought they were afraid of making a statement, until they made the arrogant statement of continuing production. At least wait until the facts are sorted out. A court will have to decide.
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    • 5:44 am - August 7, 2016

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